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Camp Registration, Participation & Waiver Agreement

Please read the following participation and waiver agreement carefully before registering to participate in our camps.



Registration is complete when full payment and completed forms are received.


Camp Enrollment:  

Camp registration is a first come, first serve basis.  In the event we do not meet our minimum enrollment, we will notify you of the cancellation and offer an alternate camp based on availability.  Refunds for cancelled camps will be processed within
5-7 business days from the date of cancellation if an alternate class/camp is not chosen or available.



Your child's safety is paramount.  Our camp has policies and preparations in place in case of  inclement weather, fire safety, intruder and emergency response.  Buttercup STEAM Camp will follow the standard safety procedures used by schools in the unlikely event of inclement weather, fire or an intruder. 

If you make arrangements for someone else to be responsible for your child, please inform a staff member and provide (in writing)  the person's name & contact information.  Tell us prior to registration if there are any court ordered agreements which would prevent a child from being released to a particular person.  We will need documentation provided by any court-ordered agreement of this nature.


Expectations of Camper Conduct:  

Students are expected to use appropriate behavior & self-discipline to participate in our program. The policy and intent of our program is to provide equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, financial means, and any other status protected under federal, state, or local laws. We promote respect and do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or other discriminatory behavior or expression. Buttercup STEAM Camp  reserves the right to dismiss any student from the program due to disruptive behavior.  No refunds or credits will apply.


Technology Use:
  • Students must use computers in an appropriate way

  • Students may ONLY visit website addresses approved by Buttercup STEAM Camp instructor(s) or staff (even on personal computers) during camp.

  • Students must use technology equipment with care and safety.

  • Students must be respectful of other's work. 


Students are responsible for their personal laptops, power cords, mice, flash drives, electronic files and data. 


Cell Phones/Electronics:  

Student cell phones should be turned off or on vibrate-mode during class. Students are allowed to use their phones during break & lunch.



Parents need to sign-in upon arrival.  *See site location for drop-off/pickup times.* For safety reasons, please do not drop off your child earlier than the scheduled camps permit.  



Please be on time for pickup.  Extended time fees start promptly at 4:00pm.  A one-time fee of $50.00 will be billed for students who are picked up beyond the 30-minute courtesy window (3:30 - 3:59pm).  We understand unexpected delays occasionally occur: emergencies, traffic congestion, etc.  Please message us via SLACK app if you are running late.


Inclement Weather:

Inclement Weather (summer camps) In the event of severe weather, Buttercup STEAM Camp  will closely monitor weather reports, and if severe weather threat is imminent, Buttercup STEAM Camp  will follow severe weather safety procedures. 


Information Privacy:

Your Personal Information:  Buttercup STEAM Camp does not share personal information such as: e-mail, phone numbers, home addresses or any other personal information. 


Food Allergies:  

Buttercup STEAM Camp is mindful of certain food allergies in our selection of snacks for campers.  A variety of snack options will be available.  However, snacks provided during camp may contain trace amounts of ingredients that may cause allergic reactions, so we ask parents to provide snacks for children with severe allergies.  

We also ask parents/guardians to provide allergy information on registration forms provided prior to camp start.


Internet Connectivity & Software Programs: 

The functionality of programming is dependent upon internet connectivity. Although rare, during camp, it is possible that external factors may cause an interruption in connectivity. If this occurs, students will collaborate on projects, individual skills or other non-internet dependent activities while connectivity is being restored.  


Change Requests:

Requests to change to another camp or another week: We understand plans can change and emergencies happen.  If you'd like to apply for a change to another week, we require a minimum 7-day notice prior to camp start. Please send written requests to:  We cannot guarantee placement and requests are based on availability. If another week is not available, we will not be able to refund the registration deposit. 


Laptop Rental Program: 

Laptop rentals are prepaid at the time of registration and are based on availability. If you did not reserve a laptop during registration and needed a laptop, please send an inquiry email at least 72 hours in advance to inquire about laptop availability.  We cannot guarantee there will be additional laptops available for rent on the first day of camp, without prior reservation.  Send laptop rental inquiry to


Refund Policy: 

Your enrollment & pre-payment reserves camp space for your child(ren). We have a strict refund policy due to the high costs of hardware, software, facility rental and staff resources.  No refunds will be issued for cancellations (regardless of reason), early withdrawal or dismissal due to absences (for any reason) including sickness, behavioral dismissals, power failures, weather, failure to reserve a laptop in advance and unforeseeable events, not within the control of  Buttercup STEAM Camp  or other acts of nature. If participants are not able to complete the camp, the camp fee is not prorated and no refund will be issued, including partial refunds or credits.  In the event we do not meet our minimum enrollment for a camp we will cancel the camp & notify you of an alternate camp based on availability.  If in the unlikely event Buttercup STEAM Camp  has to cancel a camp or class, refunds will be processed within 5-7 business days from the date of cancellation if an alternate class is not chosen or available. If a camp is canceled midway (for reasons beyond our control), we will provide a prorated refund for the remaining classes.


Buttercup STEAM Camp provides a premium level of service by offering summer camps taught by highly trained & experienced instructors. All staff members have passed background checks. No guarantees are made or results are implied due to the variability of student motivation, behavior, time and effort. 

Exemption Notice:

This program is not licensed by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and is not required to be licensed. Bright from the Start does not regulate or routinely inspect this program. For additional information, go to or call 404.657.5562.


I acknowledge that I have been informed that this program is not a licensed child care facility.  I also understand this program is not required to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and this program is exempt from state licensure requirements.


Buttercup STEAM Camp is a fiscally sponsored program of Art Is King, Inc. a 501(c)(3) public charity.  Donations may be made to Art Is King on behalf of Buttercup STEAM and are tax deductible to the extent provided by applicable law.  To make donations, please visit:

Our policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.  Any changes to our policies or procedures will be posted on this website.

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